Glenn Frey, RIP

Yeah, I don’t get why and how some bands and artists elicit so much hate in popular culture. I think inevitably it’s partly a backlash if an act becomes hugely popular, then it becomes “cool” to be the contrarian. I could not name a Nickleback song to save my life, or even recognize one (I’ve never been a huge radio listener so I missed that era), so I’m a bit bemused by the hate that band engenders. It’s like I’m “supposed” to hate that band. For some reason. The same way I don’t “get” the hatred among certain segments that’s directed at Taylor Swift.

Regarding Glenn Frey and the Eagles, I’ve always dug them, although I’ve been aware enough of the “hipster” set’s derision of them to keep my head low on that account. But when somebody f-ing dies and some asshole has to post some disrespectful shit, fuck that. Nobody wants to hear how “cool” you are because you hate a band.

RIP, Glenn.


More Star Wars The Force Awakens: Forbes article link

Obviously I’ve refrained from delving into political posts for a while now, and it seems my intellectual energies have been preoccupied by all things Star Wars 😉

Something as big as Star Wars is inevitably going to have its backlash of hipsters hating on it for various reasons, the biggest of which is Rey’s extraordinary abilities, including the label “Mary Sue”. I had never heard the term before: it’s the name of a character from a Star TREK fanfic parody in the 70s of a character of that name who was perfect and capable in every way. It’s meant as a derogatory term. Anyway, I was going to write one of my long thesis’ on that, but this article in Forbes pretty much nails everything I have to say on the subject: