Carl Ephriam Rice World War II Memoirs: December 10th to December 24th, 1941

Dec 10, 1941—Went back to work today at the old office. Fred Fink and Fred Lurhesen went with me. I was assigned to helping evacuate supplies, Maj. Jacklin is in charge. About 11:50AM we went to lunch at the Legaspi Garden. Just after returning the air raid signal sounded; most ran out to the sea wall in front of office, I stayed in the Door “E” near Pier One (obviously NOT the modern retail store, heh). The jap planes were very high, much firing at them as they passed over but shells could not reach, except those from the Navy ship Canopus at pier one. Japs went on the Cavite and I had a clear view of the destruction of Cavite and of the Navy Yard. It was a terrible thing to see and to realize that we are so helpless. Japs came over us again and bombed ships in the bay near us. Last stick of bombs hit just outside the breakwater near Pier One. About 3pm launches began landing dead and wounded from Cavite and from the ships, in front of our office.

Dec 11 & 12, 1941—Rushing evacuation of warehouses, more air raids but no bombs in our locality. We are also busy loading trucks with supplies for firing lines.

December 13—Transferred to main office, now at San Beda College; my reinstatement to the classified Federal Civil Service effective this date by order of Col Frank Brezina, Department Quartermaster. Am assigned for duty to the administrative division under Chief Clerk F.G. Wilson. I will be on night duty relieving Wilson at 5pm.

Dec 14-24—On night duty, answering phone, transmitting orders, and many other things to do, the Col is here most every night. We are sending out convoys of trucks to Bataan every night. Nightly I bid goodbye to friends on their way to the fighting lines. At home the family is very brave and don’t get excited. Little Jimmie (my dad, then 2 and a half) comes up out of the raid shelter saying “All clear, keep ‘em flying”. We have a mess here at the office, also I take home rations, but don’t care to take many because no room for storage.

Carl Ephriam Rice - WW2 Memoirs Pg 2


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