More Post-Election Thoughts…

I’ve seen people complain about how tired they are of all the political posts since the election and how everybody needs to drop it and move on. I get it; I’m trying to wind it down, myself. But whenever I feel compelled to say something about current events, I will; you can take it or leave it.

I still don’t get what people mean when they say we need to “come together”. That’s easy to say when your side won. I just think everybody simply needs to be cool with each other. That’s all. Just be cool.

All the people complaining about the Electoral College and how it sucks and needs to be abolished in favor of the popular vote: Where’ve you been the last 16 years? You weren’t worrying about it when Obama won two terms. Don’t just complain when it works against you(Gore in 2000 and now Clinton in 2016); changing such a fundamental aspect of our electoral process is something that will take years to effect, including elections when your side wins. Don’t just forget about it if a Democrat gets back in the White House in 2020.

Someone reminded me recently of how strongly I felt when I voted for John McCain in 2008. Oh, that surprises you, does it? It’s true; in fact I’ve voted for both parties plus independent (Ross Perot) since I’ve been old enough to vote. In 2008, I was very wary of the cult of personality and this sort divine hero worship that had built up around Barak Obama, and I was instinctively repelled by that. I never thought him to be anything other than just another politician, and I mistrust the notion of that Hero archetype who’s going to come and save us. I call it “chasing JFK”.

I eventually came around on Obama, once he took his licks and was humanized, so to speak. I believe him to be a good man who did a good job as President. (And before any of you take it upon yourselves to interject about what a “disaster” he was and how “horrible” a president he was, SAVE IT. Like Negan on the Walking Dead, I WILL SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN. This isn’t a post debating Obama’s success as president; it’s entirely and solely my view on him in general. Got it? I WILL SHUT…THAT…SHIT…DOWN.)

Anyway, my larger point being, I’m naturally wary of the Hero/Savior archetype. I mistrusted it about Barak Obama in 2008 when everybody was just gushing over him being this “transformative” figure who was going to Heal the World…and you can DAMN WELL be sure I mistrust it about Donald Trump today in 2016. I haven’t yet begun the process of re-following most of my Trump FB friends just yet, but the ones I retained all along, some of them have expressed that exact notion of Trump the Demigod, our “Leader”, who only wants “what’s best for all of us” (exact term and quote I’ve seen), and implying how everybody who’s upset that he won are somehow being disloyal in addition to being sore losers.

You know what Hitler’s official title was? Fürher. You know what Mussolini was called? Il Duce. You know what those titles translate to from German and Italian, respectively, into English? LEADER. North Korea’s ruler is called “Dear Leader”, for that matter. Trump will be our President…but he is NOT our LEADER. The term has strong fascist connotations in this context. I know some of you will scoff, but I feel very strongly about this. He will and should only ever be merely Mister President. I’m giving Donald Trump a chance, but I WILL remain skeptical and critical of what he does until proven otherwise.