The Alt-Right and White Nationalists in the Age of Trump

I continue to have serious concerns about how Donald Trump enabled and emboldened white nationalists and racists with his nudge-nudge-wink approach to them during the campaign, so I’m obviously not crazy about him appointing this guy, Steve Bannon, to be one of his top advisors. This article—from a well-known conservative website, but if you’re a liberal, give it a chance—is less alarmist about him than some sites have been while still calling him out on his actions; at best he’s an opportunist who’s leveraged the alt-right for his own ends…

And look, I’ve continually said that I know most Trump voters aren’t racists or white nationalists. I know you resent the association with them—I’ve seen your comments—and I know you want nothing to do with them. You are not them, and they are not you.

And yet…it’s kind of like having that one roommate back in college who you never really liked, but couldn’t afford to kick out. Sure, most of the time they stayed in the basement, but recently they’ve become louder and more obnoxious, they never clean up after themselves, have been picking fights with the neighbors, and keep having the cops called over to the point where everyone in the neighborhood is giving you funny looks when you leave the house. At some point, you’re going to have to do something about the guy.