Does society value whether a woman is capable as long as she’s pretty?

So a friend of mine posted this video (below) of this really gorgeous and insanely talented musician shredding it on piano; I mean she’s legit. But I couldn’t help but wonder why she feels the need to dress in such skimpy outfits in her videos. I mean, beyond the obvious truism that sex sells. I just think she’s good enough to let her talent speak for itself. Plus, she’d still be nice to look at even if she were more covered.

But seeing some of the comments on his post from guys to the effect of “Who cares how talented she is when she looks like that! Huh Huh Huh” (not quite those exact words but the gist was obvious—one guy even said she wouldn’t even need to be able to carry on a conversation, and those ARE exact words), plus remembering a story a female friend of mine—who is very smart and very capable in addition to being attractive—who posted about getting into a political debate with an older male on a flight last week who was by turns patronizing, chauvanistic, and basically tried to subvert her arguments by objectifying her, makes me wonder: do most guys want pretty girls to basically just shut up and be pretty? (The Trump effect??? J/K.) I’m trying not to be pompous about this topic, because I like looking at pretty girls just as much as the next guy, but I’m also the type to say, “Yeah, but what else you got?”. And of course, if a woman wants to dress in skimpy outfits that’s her prerogative, but I just think it can become a distraction from objectively recognizing and evaluating her abilities and talent (refrain from making the dumb inevitable joke equating said talent with her looks, please).

So today’s question is: Do we, as a society, actually even value whether a woman is smart and possesses genuine talent and skill as long as she’s pretty?


Netflix new series “Dear White People”

Not really sure why people are so upset over Dear White People, or at least its title, that they’d cancel their Netflix subscription because of it. I mean, I’m reading the comments and there’s a lot of stupid outrage basically whining about how “unfair” it is that there’s a show that might be critical of white people…and of course the go-to “If there was a show called Dear Black People there’d be riots!” blather (and how the people making that argument can’t see the racism in that very quote is astounding). 

(Funny, I wrote a blog entry last summer on the same subject: White People: Things You Need to Hear.)

I saw the movie of the same name that this series is based on, and if anything the title is a misdirect, meant to get your attention, but boil it down and it ends up being just as critical of black people as it is of white people. But some of the characterizations the alt-Right websites are affixing to it, that it promotes “white genocide”(huh? wha—???) are ridiculous, pathetic, and sad because it since feeds their narrative, they won’t listen to reason.

I could go on about why this is much ado about nothing, but the people who are upset over this are CHOOSING to be upset about it, and no argument I could make will change their minds. But I find it ironic that the very people who condemn so-called “political correctness” and applaud our new President’s alleged penchant for defying said correctness are perfectly fine with imposing their own version of political correctness on others when the subject matter doesn’t suit them.

Maybe actually TRY watching the show when it’s released—or go watch the movie which is already available—to see if it warrants the criticism it’s receiving and judge it on its own merits? Nah…too much effort. Much easier to wrap oneself up in the cozy blanket of self-victimization.

EDIT: The movie version is actually on Hulu, so…I guess they’re going to boycott BOTH Netflix and Hulu???