Why are Trump followers still so ANGRY?

POLITICAL POST; RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN…I just witnessed the most epic FB meltdown on a friend’s wall by a Trump follower. It was so over-the-top that I started to wonder if the guy was actually joking around, but evidently not. It was the most needlessly belligerent, aggressive, profanity-laced tirade befitting the “stereotypical” Trump fan that went on and on and on before my friend finally deleted the whole thing. It was, by turns, baffling and hilarious…but ultimately it was one of the most disturbing displays I’ve yet come across. I mean, if there’s a mass shooting at a synagogue or a mosque in the KC area in the near future, I’m calling the cops and giving them this guy’s name. And I’ve also seen similar displays recently of overly macho aggression by Trump supporters on other friends’ posts.
Now, I know many Trump voters who are NOT like this, so I am NOT painting every Trump voter with this brush, but I’ve seen enough examples of the above paragraph that I just have to ask: Why are so many Trump voters still SO ANGRY?
I mean…you’ve WON. You got Trump into the Oval Office. You have a Republican Congress. You’ve got Bannon in there and he ain’t leaving despite any protests. That immigration ban (or “pause” or whatever you want to call it) isn’t going to be rescinded. Trump’s going to get his Supreme Court justice confirmed. Trump pulled out of the TPP, is restarting the pipelines up north. Trump to this point has gotten EVERYTHING he’s wanted, and he’s probably going to keep getting what he wants going forward.
So why are you still so ANGRY???
I’m no fan of Trump, although I am doing my best to be fair towards him (as I’ve said before, your mileage will vary as to whether I actually am). I don’t like a lot of things he’s doing and I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT like Bannon. But yet I’m not even REMOTELY as angry as some of these Trump people I’m seeing here on Facebook.
Are you angry that the so-called “liberal” media allegedly isn’t treating your boy fairly? I got news for you: get over it because the media has always been tougher on Republicans. It’s just the way it is. Stop worrying about it and focus more on enjoying the spoils of victory; you don’t need the media’s validation and besides, you’ve got Fox and Breitbart, right?
So stop being so angry; you’ve WON. You should be walking with a bounce in your step, flashing a smile that’s ear to ear and high-fiving everybody you see. BE HAPPY. It’s your world, now. (Or should I say it’s your world “again”? Nah…)